Our Vision

Innovation that matters, for the customers we serve. We drive technology advancements that will deliver the new definition of Technology in Human Experience

Our Values

  • Build strong Customer Relationships
  • Operate with Integrity and Trust
  • Continual Self-Improvement & Personal Excellence of our Staff

Where & How We’re Different!

In today’s business environment, the network and applications have become both ubiquitous and indispensable, where a small technical fault can bring a business to a virtual standstill. They are primary channels for business-critical informational and transactional exchanges of all kinds. They gather information as well as dispense it, and are therefore crucial assets in any Business Continuity strategy.

It is important to recognize the nature of the new posed risks and evaluate their potential impact, to determine what can be done to mitigate the effect and at what cost.

Businesses today are very dependent on system availability guaranteed “uptime” to satisfy the unlimited demands for the effective use of accumulated information, uninterrupted service delivery to improve the quality of the customer and the end-user’s experience, to maximize productivity and profitability.

Businesses Continuity and risk management are underpinned by choosing the right people, processes, technology and knowledge to implement a Business Continuity strategy and to bring in the required support and services that can underpin the strategy.

The best guarantee of a successful implementation lies in partnering with a support and services provider that offers the right mix of methodologies, tools, products and services that can meet and exceed these needs. The formidable reputation of Support Services is rooted in service excellence delivered from service center in Gauteng Province, each staffed with highly qualified technical expertise that have access to vast stocks of spare parts and replacement hardware.

All support contracts are governed by stringent service level agreements tailored to the specific needs of each client.

With response times ranging from as little as 30 minutes mean time to repair (MTTR) to the more common 4 Hrs. MTTR up to next day repairs, BASITHAMI TECHNOLOGY seeks to deliver service of the quality that exceeds client expectations.

The overriding philosophy of Support Services is to put the client first and to deliver on service agreements through massive logistical and technical capabilities.